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Installing a Dry Well

Project Difficulty


Select a location with no underground pipes or utilities (call Julie to mark your yard). Mark the location for the trench and the hole, dig up the sod and save it for later. Start digging a hole, 3′ diameter x 3-1/2′ deep, and a trench, at least 8″ deep for a 1-1/2″ PVC pipe, sloping towards the dry well. Get 1/2 cu yard of #8 stone. Line the hole with landscape fabric, fill 6″ of stone on the bottom of the hole. Get a dry well (Menards) and a 4″ diameter pop-up. Set the dry well assembly in the hole,  adjust your stone base so that the pop-up is level with your grass. Run the PVC pipe from the sump pump to the dry well in the trench. Fill the space between dry well and the hole with #8 stone to 6 ” below the grass surface. Cover with landscape fabric, then cover with soil and sod. Done!