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Pressure Washing

We were completely focused on all things back yard this spring and summer. The whole lockdown thing brought out all the backyard projects for us. We basically looked up from everything we were working so hard on, to find that fall had arrived. Because of this, the driveway and side of the house had taken a beating with all the supplies that were stored there during all the projects. From soil marks, to just all around grossness it needed a new spruce up to freshen it up again.
When you’re working on a big DIY project, you know that the rest of the house usually goes to chaos. All the dirt and grime had collected and we knew it would be hazardous as the winter months approached with less sunlight. We lived through a slippery driveway winter once, and really didn’t want to repeat. And did we mention it just made the house look dirty? Ew, David. So we thought a little freshening up with a good pressure washing was in order.
We also added a few new things to bring a some fresh color to our side entrance and loved the way it all feels now!
It’s one of the easiest things to do for your home that offers such a huge return. We love using our Greenworks tools for jobs like this. They’re such a simple approach rather than having to deal with all the gas-powered stuff. No messy oil and gas to leak on the area you’re pressure washing, no loud, obnoxious noise to annoy the neighbors, no priming, no pollution. They’re lighter to work with… and the list goes on and on. Just pop the battery in your blower to clear the space off and you’re on your way to being prepped. Does anyone else find pressure washing completely cathartic? That was so dirty. And it may or may not take us longer to do the job, because well, we like to write with our pressure washer in the dirty concrete. So. Satisfying. Over the last two years, we’ve been converting from gas to battery-operated or electric, as much as possible. Our kids have been really interested in ways we can improve our carbon footprint, so this is a great place to start. We love Greenworks Tools as an option because they’re just easier for the entire family to use, but still pack the power that we need in a tool. So everybody wins, but really the adults, because kids doing yard work totally makes up for those toddler temper tantrums. But let’s focus on how satisfying this is to watch. Yes, please. People are in to slime and unboxing videos. We’re into pressure washing videos. Once we’d tackled all the dirt and grime with the Greenworks blower and Pressure washer, we freshened up with some window boxes and added some new flowers. It really transformed the side along with making it safer for the winter. Bye, bye dirty Slip ‘N Slide driveway… hello beautiful fall entrance. We love adding these stripped and flower rugs for a fresh update. Are we even doing it right if we don’t stand on our doormats with a cup of coffee and boots and take a pic? Probably not. We still love that fresh shot of haint blue on the underside of the porch. Such a fun and practical side entryway! Such an epic, drastic change from the original before, but such a great way to freshen up easily each season with Greenworks Tools. We love the way they make everything look so fresh. What are some of your favorite ways to freshen up with Greenworks Tools? If you haven’t tried them yet, we know you’ll love the ease of use! Have an inspired day!