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Projest Front and Back Lawn REFRESH

Project started in the fall of 2020 where my frint lawn consisted of different variteies of grass with the backyard infested with POA Annua (Anual Bluegrass). The whole 1000dq foot lawn, front and back combines was wiped out via the use of Round Up (Glyphosate). The greenworks detatcher was a crucial tool that was used to rip the ground of the old dead grass and also used to hit bare ground. The front yard was seeded with 10% Perennial Rye Grass and 90% Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass, the backyard that is mostly shaded was seeded with a seed loving grass called POA Supina Bluegrass. Time was of the essence to make sure the grass were strong enough before the first frost hits. I had the help of my 40V range of tools, 40V greenworks lithium ion batteries powering my greenworks blower and my brushless trimmer (attachment capable). See the progress pictures attached to the project.