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Tips to Help Care For Your Yard

I absolutely love doing yard work! And now with spring here, I can always be found out in the yard doing something to improve and maintain it. Here’s a collection of some of my favorite yard tips. If you’ve ever had the problem of grass collecting on the underside of your mower, try this tip: You can spray a good amount of dry lube on the underside of a clean mower deck to prevent wet grass from sticking. It takes less than a second to dry and makes a huge difference. There are some intentional holes in the arms of my Greenworks 60V Mower. I use them to zip tie up a plastic tub. This way, as I am mowing, I have a basket to put items in like sticks, rocks and trash. If your mower doesn’t have holes, you can tie a bucket directly to the arm. A similar handy tip is to cut a small piece of PVC pipe with two holes drilled into it. This way you have a storage spot to carry a weed puller or sheers. You can take care of those tasks as you are mowing and come upon them. Have you ever had to sharpen a mower blade? Once you are done, you can put a screw in the wall and hang your blade on it to test its balance. If it droops on one side, you need to remove more material from that side. Once it hangs perfectly horizontal, it is balanced and ready to go. I recently starting composting. To quickly turn leaves into mulch, I used my 60V Greenworks String Trimmer. Rake the leaves into a trash can, insert the trimmer head and turn it on. In a matter of minutes, the amount of leaves is drastically reduced in volume. You can see how much it shreds these hard Live Oak leaves into pieces. When it is time to store your tools, I have a great tip for your String Trimmer. I bought an inexpensive pair of shelf brackets and used a scrap piece of wood for a shelf. The shelf gives me a spot for the batteries and charger. And the hooks perfectly fit the String Trimmer. Another great thing about electric is you don’t have to worry about any fluid leaking when storing. If you have a tree or plant that needs water, but isn’t close to a water source, a good hack is to grab a bucket and drill a couple 1/8″ holes in the bottom. Next, fill up the bucket with water and place it at the base of the plant. It will now get a steady drink all throughout the day until the bucket is empty. A quick tip to move around large brush is to use a tarp. You can load it up with branches and then drag the tarp to the next location. I’ve done this with brush, dirt and even rocks. Load up the tarp and take off! A tip I have for moving heavy things in the yard is a dolly. I love using a ratchet strap to attach a trash can to the dolly. This way I have a container that I can fill up and easily move around as I work. These should get you started. Let me know if I missed any of your favorite yard and lawn tips! And see more tips and tricks over on my YouTube channel and Instagram page. Thanks!