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Trimming My Bougainvillea

It was a beautiful sunny day and long over due to trim my bougainvillea! Here is the BEFORE!Before Trimming Bougainvillea It’s huge and I need to get it trimmed before all the flowers end up in my pool. So, I grabbed my 26″ 60v Hedge trimmer and 60v blower and got to work! So many leaves… I think I took three trips to the dumpster! During Trimming Bougainvillea But not having to deal with starting my tools or cords, made this job fun! Plus, I think I got a little of a tan! After Trimming Bougainvillea Looking forward to getting this bougainvillea trimmed more often! And looking forward to putting the blower to work all around my yard! Thanks for checking out my project! Remember Build LOUD, Build WILD and have an AWESOME day! Sadie Mae, the Awesome Orange